Driver Detective Review: Does This Work?

by Arthur K. on June 12, 2013


Because viruses are so common these days on the Internet, it is more important than ever to make sure your computer is fully protected. This means that you need a powerful antivirus program running all the time as well as a anti-spam and anti-phishing program, too.

But, if there is one aspect of your computer that is often ignored, it is the importance of drivers and keeping them updated all the time. Your drivers are an important aspect of how your computer interacts with various peripherals and software packages, and if you fail to update your drivers, you could allow your computer to be open for attack.

When you read just about any Driver Detective review, you will see that this is a very powerful application that can save you a lot of work and a lot of hassle and also protect you should you ever lose the contents of your drives.

What Is Driver Detective?

This is known as a driver backup tool, which means that it has the ability to identify all of the drivers on your computer, monitor them at all times to make sure they were running properly, and also update them when they are out of date. One of the most important aspects of Driver Detective is that it is able to identify legitimate driver updates from those that could contain viruses or hacks, which is often one of the easiest way to have your computer broken into.

How Does It Work?

This is an easy to install program, and in fact there is a free version that you can use right off the bat, so you can see how it works. You simply download this from the official Driver Detective site, install it on your computer, and then it will run through all of your applications and drivers and compare them against an enormous database of legitimate updated drivers.

Once this has occurred, it will update your drivers from official sources, and create a full backup of these drivers in the form of or restore point that you can use at a later date. Therefore, if your computer crashes, you lose your drive, or you suffer some type of a irrevocable hack or virus, you can go back to your Driver Detective backup and restore everything.

Compared to similar software, Driver Detective has the largest number of driver files in its library. Want to know how many? Over 27 million! That’s the most we’ve seen in a driver backup software. Most other products usually have anywhere from 50,000 to 16 million, but having over 27 million driver files is certainly an advantage.

Some of its features include: Free Scan, Backup and Restore Tools, and Driver Exclusion.

What Are People Saying About This Product?

It is always worth reading some of the reviews for utility product just to make sure that it is legitimate and to see if it will meet your needs. Just about every Driver Detective review mentions the fact that this is very easy to install and use, and that you never really need to think about it running again.

I have been running this for about a year, and it just makes me feel more secure about my data.”

  • Marc, CA (testimony from company website)

I don’t know anything about drivers at all and now I don’t have to. With Driver Detective, I know all of it is taken care of.”

  • Dennis, AZ (testimony from company website)

Many of the reviews that you will read for Driver Detective are actually written by people with very little knowledge of this type of backup in the first place, but they have already experienced a major crash or virus infection, and want to protect themselves in the future.

The last time I lost my hard drive, I decided I would do everything to protect myself. I chose this to save time and money.”

  • Stuart, NY (testimony from company website)

Are There Any Downsides to It?

Remember, perfection doesn’t exist. No matter what you purchase, there will always be the good and the bad. Some software are mostly good, with few downsides. And some are the opposite. In this case, Driver Detective is overall a great backup tool, but has one thing we didn’t like: “email customer service”.

We noticed that the email customer service was a bit slow. They did reply, but sometimes took more than 24 hours to do so. But that’s only a minor concern or else we wouldn’t be recommending it. The reason we told you about this is to make sure you know what you’re getting into. If we told you the good side only, it wouldn’t be an honest review, would it?

But don’t worry about the email customer support. Instead, use their live chat service to get help. They are excellent, quick, and very supportive. You can also use their toll-free phone number if you prefer to talk on the phone instead.

driverdetectiveWhere Should You Buy This?

When you purchase this from the official website, you will get American-based customer support as well as online updates at any time. Perhaps the best part about this product is that you can download a free trial to see for yourself if this is right for you. If it is, you can upgrade to the full featured product, which will help protect you even further.

There is currently a new version of Driver Detective available for Windows Eight, Windows 7, and Vista which will give you access to more than 27 million device drivers. This also comes with full customer support and interacts with Norton for ease-of-use. This product comes with a money back guarantee, and seems to be the most affordable driver backup program of its kind.

Is This the Right Solution for You?

If you believe that your current backup program is taking care of all of your drivers, then you may want to take a closer look. Chances are that your drivers are not being updated regularly, nor are they being backed up. By using Driver Detective, you will be protecting your computer at all times and making sure that no matter what happens, you can always restore your drivers back to their original point.

Click here to visit the Official Driver Detective Website!


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